Missouri SR22 Insurance Costs

Reader Question

I recently got a DUI, and was convicted for the charge. I was told I needed to get an SR22 bond to prove financial responsibility. How much is this going to cost me and what do I do to file the bond? I am not real clear as to what happens next.
Dan G.
St. Louis, Mo

Hi Dan, Adding an SR22 to your car insurance usually cost around $250 to $500. Generally this is only the cost of filing the form. The largest cost  that you will have to pay along with the SR-22 is the underlying citation such as a DUI.

Most insurance carriers increase rates substantially when the policyholder is convicted of a DUI or other major offenses. It is important to get multiple quotes from different companies before filing an SR-22 to get cheap car insurance.


SR22 Filing

After your drivers license suspension period is up, what you need to do is to get an application for a car insurance policy with an SR22 form add-on.

Your SR22 insurance policy company will either provide you a copy of the this form to be submitted to the DMV office when you visit them for drivers license reinstatement or they will do the SR22 filing to the DMV directly so that you wont have to do it yourself.

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I would recommend you compare at least 3 companies, the larger ones as well as some of the smaller companies you might not be as familiar with.